Reasons Why Your IT Project Management Needs to be Outsourced

In order for an outsourced project management to remain functional, your outside contractor should be in line with your company’s business culture. Is that enough to give you the options you need to run a successful business venture?

Maybe not. But this time around, there are ways that will help ensure your project management runs smoothly without dragging your company downwards.

PMaaS Basics

Coming from the success of multi-sourcing, comes another concept. Instead of just outsourcing talent and capabilities that lead to a smooth and successful project outcome — have you thought about completely outsourcing the project management function itself?

Picture your PMO as a renowned orchestra, in the usual PMO outsourcing scenarios, your in-house project management talent is already playing its part as a conductor, waving its baton to bring together musical instruments at a precise moment, duration, and tempo. Now, when you outsource project management, as a service on its own, you start outsourcing the role of conductor — or your conductor functions while being accompanied by an third party or outsourced conductor.

It’s normal to be completely consistent with a mindset of moving towards increased IT commoditization and chunking off demand and supply. Beyond outsourcing project management utilities , which can at times leave you feeling out of control —- you go for a service that’s transparent and in line with your business culture, values, and current scenario while matching the right talent and projects to achieve successful results.

A Cultural Fit

A smart freelance project manager can do a great job for a company, receive a recommendation that allows him to carry out the same project to another firm, but end failing to deliver.

While both projects may seem to be on the same ground in terms of scope, skills, scale and time frame delivery, they may end up with markedly different outcomes. In a majority of cases, it’s down to the cultural divide between the contractor and company. Typically, an ideal project management as a provider would not easily assign both projects to the same manager. PMO outsourcing is an excellent filter against risking poor culture alignment.

Just like that of multi-sourcing, project management outsourcing gives your open access to the best talent pool, whose skillset and experience matches your project, goals, and cultural alignment.

With an increasing number of profit-generating and productive partner relationships, control, excellent service, and flexibility on accessing resources, expect quick gains to be made. Flexibility may be the biggest benefit in a service-oriented approach to project management. But that would cost a bit more, right?

Monetary Sense

Through project management outsourcing service, you can take full advantage of expected monthly billing estimates and controlling the service you want or don’t want. You’re basically in complete control without having to increase your headcount.

Regardless if you’re short on short-term skills, looking to enhance in-house talent, or seeking for a long-term project management solution —- look into the concept behind project management outsourcing as the service itself could reward you big in return — as long as you have a trusted partner who will work with you side by side within your business goals and values.

Your business can consistently secure quality project deliveries without increasing in-house staff while achieving reliable IT business and cultural alignment.