Why Marketing Automation and Content Outsourcing is a Good Thing for Small Businesses

Small businesses nowadays are confronting several serious obstacles: very little time, monetary shortage, and headcount limitations. Despite a majority of companies having unlimited growth potential, they’re rarely capable of scaling effort as a result of funding and staff restrictions.

Marketing automation and content automation can dramatically increase the growth of today’s small business when properly deployed. However, this will depend on the kind of business being run. Sometimes, it’s sensible to outsource the entire content strategy or to have a blog on autopilot. At times, it’s feasible to outsource certain tasks, automating other areas, and looking over the remaining in-house. Both strategies may appear different in fundamental terms, but when they’re backed by a strong business plan, they can do a lot of wonders.

Outsourcing and Automating Tasks

Each business is unique. You can make the proper decision once you have idea on your present and future scenarios. But within a small business, you need to concentrate on what you think is best. If product marketing is your greatest strength, maybe it’s ideal to allow an expert look into your content marketing strategies.

With that in mind, here are some essential criteria to consider prior to outsourcing any job or automating tasks:

1. Service availability and quality

If you’re looking to deploy social media marketing strategies or content outsourcing, you need to ensure you’re employing the right expert for the job. It needs to be an individual sharing your vision and a good track record in terms of previous accomplishments.

2. Cost

For a long while now, it’s believed that automated marketing is too costly for small businesses. But based on several studies, a majority of small businesses think it’s worth the time, expenses, and effort. Such rule also applies to outsourcing services. While quality services can be expensive, they ensure sustained growth and improved business retention.

3. Business model understanding

If your business heavily depends on your internet-based marketing, you’ll likely need to mix outsourcing services with in-house operations. However, if it so happens your business model isn’t dependent on such, then you’re better off concentrating on your business core competencies.

Content Outsourcing

Content will forever be the king in today’s marketing. With an increasing number of companies (regardless of size) making investments in marketing and content creation (while yielding big returns), it’s evident their scalability can handle just about any budget coming their way. At present, content marketing is considered to be one essential tool in online marketing.

But before getting ahead of yourself, there are a couple things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, be specific on what you exactly need. This will aid in understanding whether you’re spending too much on useless tasks, or if the tasks you’re dealing with are draining your productivity. Next, sort out your priorities. Go for the ones considered essential before moving down the list. This can help cut down on outsourcing expenditures.


Automated marketing and content outsourcing can be of big help to your small business. The main goal is to get any outsource serving provider to handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on core business tasks. By leveraging quality outsourcing services, you can be smart with work and earn even mor