5 Critical Tasks Worth Outsourcing

If you happen to be an entrepreneur then you know there’s plenty of work at hand and not enough time to attend to them. It’s one reason why most of today’s successful business owners delegate specific tasks to third party contractors, who carry out time-saving services, for a certain fee.

Here are 5 tasks worth outsourcing from the get-go:

1. Accounting and Taxes

A successful business owner would always look into his/her taxes. But it gets more complex and time consuming keeping track of expenses especially when your business is expanding. Hire a reputable worker to keep your books organized while offering you advice — to help your business grow. A CPA keeps your finances in order and assesses which part of your business rakes in the least and most profit. Word-of-mouth, online/offline job posting, or contacting your state’s accounting society are just some ways to reach out to a CPA.

2. Content/Blog/Article Writing and Social Media Management

If you desire quality blog posts, articles, marketing content, reports, or case studies, a writer can do all that for you. A majority of writers also offer content for your social media profiles to spread your message via social media platforms. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Graphic Design and Web Development

Whether you want to display an attractive website, defining a company/brand logo, or creating visually-appealing print materials, a graphic designer will ensure your business will appear at its very best. Whatever business or marketing goals it may be, there’s always a graphic designer equipped with talent, visual sensibility, and aesthetic skillset to carry out your vision while improving your business brand. Most graphic designers nowadays are experts in web development — essential for your website to function smoothly.

4. Administrative Support

If you feel miserable sorting out your overflowing e-mails every day, then a virtual administrative assistant may be the perfect solution to streamline such process and control your continuous stream of messages. These days, Vas are also capable of secretary-related tasks which include appointment set-ups and travel plan creation. They’ll save you time while keeping you organized at the same time.

5. Online Research

Exploring a new business and keeping tabs with the latest market developments can take up a lot of time (not to mention a daunting task). Web researchers can look up any useful research details whether it’s in the form of data gathering for a presentation or seeking companies and contacts for a leads list. They’re also capable of organizing them so they can easily be read and used.

Before wasting your time on another project, you can consider hiring freelance contractors to look after your business routine and other critical business tasks. This will shorten your to-do list and give you room to concentrate on areas you’re good at while generating income for your business.