Think Outside the Box

Get Out Of Your Box!


Just a few short years ago, this term was about the “mainstream” tasks. Bookkeeping, legal things, accounting, logo/branding and of course the standard household things like lawn mowing and pool cleaning!

Today most savvy businesses,  solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, mum-preneurs (in fact all ‘preneures!) are reaping the benefits of the latest outsourcing trend; Social Media, Admin, Email Response, Live Chat Interaction to name a few..

BUT it can really change your world….. if you think outside the box! 

Lets look at a client I worked with recently.  She’s not a business owner, or an entrepreneur (but I’m betting she will be soon!). She’s a Salary plus commission pool saleswoman.  Yep. She sells swimming pools! (freaking amazing ones I must say!)

She’s sassy and smart and came to me as she was running out of hours in her week.  Selling Pools was the easy part, it was all the follow up and paperwork (the non income producing stuff) that was seriously eating into her time.

So we a deep dive into her day,  outsourcing tasks and components of her sales cycle that made commercial sense, freeing up time for her to sell more pools (and make more money!)

GOAL?  Sell More Pools!  |  NEED?  Leads leads leads! 

She’d selected a geographical area she wanted to target but was stumped on how to figure out who had pools, who didn’t and what might appeal to them.

How was she going to figure this one out?  A letter box drop? An Advert in the local news paper??  pffffffft.  Retro might be cool in furniture but in business is soooo not cool!


First, we outsourced a google map rampage.  You see, Google Maps is a killer way to look at people’s backyards! (So are drones but they require time, licenses and a skill set some of us don’t posses).

We outsourced a project with a clear set of objectives.

  • List all Homes, without a swimming pool, within this demographic and build the list, using Google Maps
  • Once list established, reverse search for names and phone numbers.


In a short time, for a very low cost, she now had a list of home owners, that didn’t have pools, in her chosen demographic she wanted to target!

No wasted letter box drops, or local adverts, but a targeted list of leads for potential sales!

She’s now selling almost double the amount of pools as her sales colleagues because she’s smart, sassy and is harnessing the tool of outsourcing!

And of course she engaged me to help.. (and you can to! Here!)

Moral of the Story! 

Outsourcing is not just for business owners, it’s a red hot chance for anyone in sales to up the ante and kick some goals!

Get Creative, Think Outside The Box, and Leverage Outsourcing to Reach Your Goals! 

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